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We are now playing at The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa every Saturday night at the Crush Ultra Lounge from 9:00- Midnight.


 The Smart Fellers' repertoire is made up of some of the more obscure small combo songs of the 1930's and 40's. They draw their influences from the hits of Louis Jordan, The Nat King Cole Trio and Cab Calloway among others. More modern songs will pop up, too. They've been known to play songs such as Low Rider by War and Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. All in the appropriate old time swing sound of course.

The band consists of:


Mark Larson, guitar and vocals

Alan K. Parks, upright bass

Bonnie Otto, piano

JB Duff, drums

David Johnson, cornet, trombone and alto horn

Otis Mourning, saxes and clarinet


The Smart Fellers can operate as a trio of guitar, bass and piano, or add players up to the full six piece band. Check out our Audio page for some examples.


The Smart Fellers have performed at many venues around California including:


BottleRock Napa

The Napa Town & Country Fair

La Condesa Restaurant in St Helena, CA

Napa Porchfest

The Napa Downtown Chef's Market

The Angwin Community Car Show

The Harvest Festival in Pomona, CA


Together, The Smart Fellers have a driving swing beat that is perfect for dancing. Jazz as played in the early part of the last century was the popular music for dancing and having a good time, and the Smart Fellers hold true to that tradition.

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Upcoming shows

  • May 18

    Angwin Car Show


  • May 31

    Viansa Winery


  • Jun 15

    Modesto Jazz Society


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